Saturday 2 February 2019

Swedish Artillery of Charles XII (Pt2)

The mobile section. In extremis, roads aren´t that common in Bodstonia, this lot can be used to supply a bit more firepower to any Bodstonian field expeditions.
The gun limber. I know, two poor nags straining to pull the gun but at some Point I´ll get hold of a smaller  "galloper" type of gun.
Using the two nag Team for the gun allows the 4 nag Team to pull the carriage
This pair have been added to get the numbers up to 5, a decent enough amount for a gun Team, especially if it will (eventually) be a smaller calibre one. 
Made using a spare dragoon from the swedish dragoons Charles XII set and a spare "outrider" from the Artillery of Charles XII set with thier right arms swopped from the Standing bods from both artillery sets.
The nags are from both the swedish and russian dragoons sets.