Saturday 17 November 2012

Roman Port (linear-b)

Exclusive to Linear-b, this set is only available to 18 + customers
12 poses in the set but 3 aren´t shown on thier site  and the reason why will become clear.

Anyway, the 9 bods that can be shown "front of house" as it were.
A sad fact of history, slavery. The original  ropes  I´ve removed and replaced with chains
A "madam" and customer? I assume he´s a customer by the way his tongue is sticking out in a lecherous way and holding a bag of money
Rich woman with slave and a begger.
Now to the last three bods. As with the hanged man I´ve "hidden" them elsewhere. Linear-b don´t show them unpainted on thier site so I´m not showing them without a WARNING.  There is a reason it´s for sale to over 18´s only!!!
I´ve not positioned the three as I assume they are meant to be put to avoid any unecessary "glorification" but I can´t see any other way they could be used, so, If you wish, they are HERE.