Sunday 1 April 2012

Ripped off again!!!!!!

It seems I´ll never learn!!! I saw this lot on evil-bay and thinking it was a brand new product I had to be one of the 1st to have it, so without much aforethought (or checking) I bought it just like I did the Ghosts, Imaginary friends and the WWII deserter sets.
Described as Superheroes in 1/72nd scale you are supposed to get Spiderman, ironman, catwoman, Batman etc but what I didn´t realise..or I just didn´t understand is that they are Superhero other words, thier secret identities!!! 
So what do you get....Billy Batson, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Isaiah Bradley, Tony Stark, Clark Kent, Bruce Banner, Selina Kyle and Princess Diana (not a very good looking princess at that!!) Not only are these super heroes in civilian mode but they are all old airfix copies!!!!!
Not only should the word "pseudonym" have given the game away but the company being called Takeyormoneyanrun should have set alarm bells ringing.