Monday 18 June 2012

HaT Frontier Light Horse

They had a uniform but apparently they preffered to use civilian clobber, even on active service, the only recognisable thing showing that they belonged to the Light horse being a red band tied around thier hats. I´ve gone for a uniformed look, using the colours suggested on the HaT boxart.

3 horse poses, and 5 bod poses. The set does have a bit of flash that needs dealing with..not a lot but it´s very thin and due to the plastic being soft, it´s a paint to remove
The horses are the same as in the 17th lancer set. Most pics show the Light horse with very little equipment on the horses..even on HaT´s boxart it shows no bedroll.
Again..the bod with the revolver hasn´t got a holster...which is ok with the 17th Lancer set as the arm holding the revolver can be put on one of 3 bods..but here the arm is fixed..odd error.
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