Thursday, 13 January 2011

Zvezda Triarii

The paint on the shields got a as I was painting them and ended up a bit rough looking. My excuse is that  they have been using them for dry hill Punic Tobbogan Racing :-)
Here´s a great little blog... Allen, Builds and paints  some Excellent Futuristic Models and his wife, Carmen, has her own Blog. which is well worth a read.  Allens Blog  One painters Crusade
and from Carmen   Mummy´s Moments

Model fair

This weekend...(I know it´s short notice but better late than never) there´s a Model fair in Lingen at the Emslandhallen.Look here for more details. (German language only)
Members of  Bennos Figure Forum  will be there.   Fun and  sillyness is expected :-D
I´m going,  Anyone else   going??

Oh...and this looks interesting...there´s loads of them, great for the technically unadvanced like me who are running a blog :-D