Thursday 19 January 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Artillery conversions

Some additions to the artillery..conversions using bods from the Airfix Waterloo British Artillery set.
Easy..remove the frilly bits on the jackets, replace the heads, paint and base.
I liked the look of the Sabres so I left them on.
The one moving the wheels ended up a bit defunct due to the basing.
I know, White belts? Since I started this project I´ve found out a wee bit more about ACW uniforms etc but the White belts will remain. Anyway, they probably wouldn´t be carrying sabres, especially if they are servicing the gun. Historical accuracy? Pah I say :-)
A total of six guns and Now I´m looking for a couple more Limbers...although, a Little bird has told me, some may be on the way :-)