Thursday 21 June 2012

HaT Natal Native Horse

Part of the NNC (Native Natal Contingent) the NNH was formed from tribes that were hostile to the Zulus and fought bravely during the Anglo - Zulu war of 1879.  At  the Battle of Isandlwana, they are credited with stopping   to give rides to both native and British soldiers.
One the whole, the NNC had a bit of a mixed battle record, for instance the contingent of NNC ran away at Rorkes drift. Their corporal, Christian Ferdinand Schiess remained.
The NNC infantry were only equiped with one rifle in ten and were usually used for menial labour, The NNH were better equipped. Tan-coloured European style uniforms, a horse with full equipment, (although I have read that they were expected to supply thier own horse,,but that seems unlikely) and each trooper was issued with a carbine in addition to their traditional African spears. Units of the NNH were led by European officers dressed in  sky-blue uniforms.
The NNC was finally disbanded during the second Anglo - Boer war due to fears of them siding with the boers.
All poses from the set.
I went for a mixed colour scruffy look to the horses. One stirrups! They had stirrups which they usually held with their big toes.
An officer added from the Frontier light horse set.
The 3 foot poses.
The whole Colonial army so far. Now all I have to do is wait for the Wagons, the Zulu war british infantry, Natal Native Contingent (the infantry), Colonial Bengal Lancers
Heavy cavalry and camels
Light horse and scouts
Artillerie and Infantry