Tuesday 16 August 2016

Fratres militiæ Christi Livoniae

A small Batch of Fratres militiæ Christi Livoniae (Livonian Brothers of the Sword) to add to the Teutonic 1329 dio. . They haven´t had the Emblems added on the nags caparisons as Dirk will add them later like he´s done with his Livonians HERE.

They fit into the dio as they  were incorporated into the Teutonic order in 1237 and became known as the Livonian Order.They continued to act as an independant  branch of the Teutonic Order, headed by their own Master (himself de jure subject to the Teutonic Order's Grand Master).

The First lead pile is nearly completed*.
All the mounted Kniggit** and thier aides.
Total; 24 nags, two of which are riderless, and 7 bods on foot.(Number 8  snook off and hid )
Apologies for the pics..my camera seems to have developed some sort of "blur" effect (?)

*   What´s left? 4 Oxen, a bod and his mule collecting Wood and a few more seated kniggits ** and There´s two more  mounted kniggits in resin to be painted.