Monday 20 July 2020

Anglo Saxons Tumbling Dice - Complete range

39 foot and  11 Mounted bods.
All 7 sets that go under the titel Anglo Saxons on the Tumbling Dice site as shown at the Tumbling Dice site  HERE.

AS1 Huscarls Danish Axe
Close ups of the set HERE
AS2 Huscarls Spear
Full set review HERE
AS3 Select Fyrd
Full set review HERE

AS4 General Fyrd 
Close ups and full set review HERE:
AS5 Saxon Skirmishers
Close ups and full set review HERE
AS10 Mounted Huscarls
Close ups and Full set review HERE

AS20 Anglo Saxon Command
Close ups and Full set review HERE

The entire Tumbling Dice Anglo Saxon Army*
Huscarls to the front and centre

My entire Anglo Saxon Army - so far as the Strelets Housecarls of King Harold set bods are not yet painted.
TD, Strelets and Emhar. 93 foot and 11 mounted.
Left wing
Centre with reserve behind.
Right wing

*without using repeat poses from the sets.