Saturday 21 September 2013

Dismounted Crusaders (Caeser)

Following the Medieval European Knights 13th Century from Caeser this lot is the Dismounted crusader set.
Like the European set, this lot make usefull bods as members of the armies of the  Anarchy (the war between Stephen of Blois and  Matilda of England ) Magna carter etc  and  like the european Kniggits set,  there is only 11 poses, but this time two  of which are represented only once.
The biggest Problem, and it seems common to virtually all Ceaser sets, is the bent parts, swords, spears etc even bases. One of the  bods in the set was so badly bent backwards  at the ankles he looked like  he was trying to take part in a Limbo contest ! Ok, this can be solved with hot water treatment but it´s still a pain.

All 11 poses
Even though the crosses are very finely engraved I still would prefer none as it Limits the range of uses and covering the crosses is a real pain.
Generic surcoat Patterns
Another magna carter baron,  Rodger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk. 1144(50) - 1221
Both sets together. They mix really well.