Tuesday 13 December 2011

Medieval market

Some of the bods from The Strelets Roman market..converted with a bit snipping and a bit of paint.

All the possible  "conversions" from the set. I could of got a couple more but it would have been stretching it a bit...too many medievals in sleeveless tunics starts to ..er?......look odd
The females don´t need a lot of work..well none really in the case of the poor peasant girl, but the woman with the basket has been careles and let the X-mas goose do a runner.
Again, just a bit of a re-paint. The guy with the whip has swopped his Pugio for a sword.
No change for the bakers wife...as with the baker (apart from some warm tights :-D ) The Amphore have had one handle removed to give them a less roman appearance. I could of cut the bottoms flat as well..but that would have meant risking the paintjob ......and  I´m lazy :-D

Hello to Peter celella from Sword and Sandal Gaming blog. A huge amount of Ancients (and other eras) in all scales.
Hello to Gowan from Gowan´s 1/72nd scale models blog. Fun and creativity..His fantasy medievals are great :-D