Wednesday 20 November 2013

AWI and House guests.

A pause from eating biscuits.This Little lot will end up as part of a wargame for Michel´s  son (Michel´s Miniaturen) for which he´s built this excellent Fort.
First up a Group of Airfix British Grenadiers, 42 years on  and still finding a use.
Close up. The officers nag has been replaced...
Some Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great painted as american artillery. Not 100% historically correct but  fine for wargaming.
Manning a gun (pinched from the Bodstonian artillery!!)
Lords (Officers) and ladies
These ladies are from Strelets Court and Army of Peter I
And now the house guests. 4 hedgehogs :-D It was weighing day so I though I´d take some pics.

This one we found running about near a busy road during the day. He was covered in ticks and wounds. Weighing only 180gm´s, toes missing on every foot, the sole of one foot shredded,  half the tip of his nose, cut on his left ear and three large cuts on his Body,  in which there were maggots. What had happened to him? Maybe a Motorscythe? A lawn mower?
He was pretty Close to death and The local hedgehog protection People took him in,  looked after him for two weeks and now he`s completely healed (except a small wound on his ear) and weighs nearly 600 gm´s.
Another male, who like his friends, is too small to survive outside through the winter. Even though we´ve got (created) a hedgehog friendly garden, there is not enough naturally occuring food at this time of year for them to gain enough weight for thier winter sleep.
A Female
Another female. when we found her she weighed 290 grams but now she weighs 390gm´s.
Sadly, because we can´t look after all 4, due to lack of space and the feeding costs,  she has gone to another carer.

It´s a bit of work looking after them, cleaning their "pens" out, making up the correct food for them but IMHO, well worth it :-D
If anyone finds one that needs caring for, this site Pro-Igel (the link is the english Version) is a Goldmine of info. For instance, Do you know wether hedgehogs are Born with or without spines ? :-D