Monday 18 May 2020

Viking Command Mounted - Tumbling Dice

4 bods in 4 different poses, 4 nags in 4 different poses, 4 shields and 4 different flags/standards.
I used an axe from my collection for one of them and used 2 flat shields from another TD set.*

The winged helmet. Ok, it´s not historically accurate but here it looks spot on. 

*The shields.
It can be seen in the Saxon General Fyrd, that there are two types of shields. Flat and curved. There´s debate as to wether the Anglo Saxons sometimes used slightly curved shields. TBH, I reckon flat shields would be the most common on grounds of ease of construction and flat shields are better for creating shield walls. A curved shield would be slightly more advantageous in close single combat, the opponents weapons would be better deflected due to the maybe leading/better warriors used them as a supprt to the shield wall (?)
Anyway, the shields come as pairs, one curved and one flat cast on the same sprue. IMHO, it would be better to have a range of castings for the shields;
Pairs of castings with 1x curve and 1x flat  and castings with  only flat. Why? The flat pairs could be used for the Viking sets, the falt/curved for the Angl saxons.