Saturday 27 October 2012

Pirates (Orion)

A mean bunch of Pirates led by "capn" Jack Dore.
I´ve slightly converted a couple from the original poses, the bod digging now is part of the gun crew, and I shortened the hair on the female being taken prisoner.
This lot will take up life in the world of Bodstonia...well,  maybe the skeleton won´t take up life there... :-D
The females in the crew.
The cannon is a two piece thing and the barrel looks a bit long but it´s still a nice piece.
They seem pretty successful..loads of treasure and grog.
"Capn" Jack Dore
"ARRRH me hearties!"
Confusedly looking for buried treasure
What is he doing!? Blowpipe? A straw for sneaking ale from the barrel?
The winner of the "shove the barrel along the ground whilst laying on your back" comp and the looser.