Tuesday 24 April 2012

The Gunboat "Diplomacy"

Built in 1880 and named after  General Sir Arthur Diplo-Macy of the Kensington Diplo-Macy´s.

Due to Navy regulation 2189.section A sub section 12, the names of Boats and ships in her majesty´s Service are not to include any Hyphens, so it had to be dropped.
Sporting an 18pdr gun, top deck gatlings and chugging along at the stately speed of 6 mph, this is the absolute power on the rivers of Khandibar. 
The roof is removable and I might add some more deko..levers, some maps,  a picture of Queen Victoria etc.
The main gun. It comes from the Emhar´s  British WWI artillery set. A bit of snipping, the shield bent forward a bit and glued to the top of an old syringe for the mounting with a lenth of plastic rod that fits into the deck allowing it to swivel.
Gatling gun from the HaT gatling gun set. It´s mounted on a pin and can be positioned in each corner of the top deck. Mounts made from thin plastic tubes taken from cotton buds.
Hello to Ender from Ender´s Games Blog. He´s just kicked off with blogging and his first post, Zvezda Vikings is a real good one!

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