Thursday 21 October 2010

Medieval Citizens set 2

This set of bods is sculpted by Alex (Valdemar miniatures) It is not the full set, to see more of these incredible sculpts, link to Valdemar´s always well worth a look there anyway :-)

Here we see a "better off" medieval type, telling something funny to the lower orders. The poses and the faces!! It all looks so natural...lovely!

This guy´s face. It says, "my lord, I am humble to your wishes" and this is echoed in the body posture,not just the outstreched arm but the whole body.

I don´t know about you, but I wouldn´t want to argue with either one of these pair!!

OOPS!! Looks like someone has been a naughty boy!! The distant expression of the guard on the left´s as if to say "I can´t be bothered taking any part in controlling this prisoner, my mate on the right has the situation well under control"
This guy!!! I know the face, I just can´t place it!??? He is sculpted using  an  image of someone, sent to Alex. He then sculpted the face using very basic information and I can tell´s incredible work when you know who this is. The resemblence is uncanny...and this was sculpted in less than two days...also you have to take into consideration  Alex has a full time job as well !!!!