Monday 1 February 2016

Hussite Camp 1 - Footfolk/workers (Pt 1)

Footfolk /workers part of the Hussite camp Scene range from Frank Gemershaus.
This lot (and a few more besides) are destined to end up as part of the Teutonic Order 1329 dio
Metal and 1/72nd scale, they match up well with all other 1/72nd medieval bods.
The Hussite Camp Range is divided up into individual pieces (mini sets) which can be bought individually, each with it´s individual titel in german, so  I´ll add a photo of each part of the range with it´s original german titel and english Translation.

Mann trägt Holzbundle (Man carrying Wood bündle)
Man sack aufhebend (man Lifting a sack)
Frau Essen Austeilend. Soldat mit Schale (Woman giving out Food. Soldier with a bowl)
Woman im Kochtopf rührend (Woman stirring cookingpot)
Soldat zerhackt Reißig (soldier chopping up Brushwood)
A couple of interesting bits.
Some new sets of wolves. I´ve been waiting for Ages for a decent set of wolves ..and then two come along at once, and another two sets are planned...HERE
An amazing dio..1:200,  The Plastic Panorama of Old Lwów