Monday 1 June 2020

Mounted Vikings - Tumbling Dice

Set VK9.
8 bods in 8 different poses.
2 pennons, 2 lances/spears (1with a normal point, 2 with boars heads), 3 axes, 2 swords and 8 shields (4 curved, 4 flat)
And now the difficult or better said, confusing bit.
No nags. Well, not with the Bods, they came seperately. They came with the order and they are numbered as C1066H1 - Pony/Light horse. Each Nag set has 4 nags so to mount the whole crew it needs 2 x C1066H1. Within the total of 8 nags there are 5 different poses so I suppose it depends as to which bag you get as to the pose selection.
Also, are the nags included in the price of the Bods? TBH, I don´t know. The invoice isn´t 100% clear. Best to ask (Per E-Mail) first.
Close ups and the 5 different Nag poses.
The Mounted Viking Command set has the nags included with poses 1 - 4
6 is a repeat of 4
7 is a repeat of 2
8 is a repeat of 1
Which means, Poses 3 and 5 are the variables from both sets