Saturday 27 April 2019

American Civil War Observation Balloon (pt2)

So, the Bamboo stick worked but wasn´t quite what I had in mind, it didn´t have that air of feasabilty so....
Using three Strands of  Florist wire.
The winch was made with bits of CD casing, a thick bit of sprue and Florist wire for the handles.
The strand of Florist wire going to the basket is attached to the winch with a hole in the sprue. 
The other two wires are attached directly to holes in the base  next to the Posts. The tied off rope created with bits of Florist wire. 
The balloon sits a bit lower than with the Bamboo stick but, even though it´s not accurate in the way the actual Balloons were let up and pulled down,  the end effect is slightly more believable.