Sunday 26 June 2016

Dark Alliance Orcs - Set two

The second mob from Dark Alliance. This lot only needed a bit of arm twisting in comparison to set one, there was a bit more Flash but easily removed.
10 bods x 5 sprues
A couple of Close ups
Set one and set two together

Next up..conversions

Tuesday 21 June 2016

Dark Alliance Orcs - set one

Nine poses..times 5 sprues..45 bods in all..but what can you do with 5 Drummers?
Still, only a Little Flash to deal with and they make a nice Little Family Group.

OOB, some of the poses are a bit flat,like the one 4th from the left on this link  HERE..his sword (Axe thingy) is actually cast stuck on top of his head, but with a bit of twisting (no hot water Treatment required) they end up looking more natural (if such a Thing can be said about Orcs)
A couple of Close ups

Friday 17 June 2016

Camping accessories

Bits and Pieces to add to the tents.  Cooking stuff, a campfire and a Cooking / Stable tent.
I´ve made it so that the bits and pieces can be removed, swopped about and the Tent can be used for different periods.

 When the cooking is done, the Tent can be used for Keeping the nags dry when it rains.
A bit of a mix of makes to create this lot.
The cooking pot from Strelets The French Army's Camp, the base from the Renedra Mixed tent set
Table from Linear-B Roman Tavern set, mess tins and Coffeepot, Atlantic´s US Camp set,
Pig on a spit..Imex Battlefield Accessories

Henry has found something interesting on the table
Dog from Valdemar Miniatures - VA186 "Drunken Knights"

Nags from the Atlantic US camp set

Sunday 12 June 2016

A-Frame or Ridge Tents - Scratchbuilt

Bodstonia needs some tents for an upcoming adventure . There´s loads of tents  in plastic on the market but they all seem to lack something...difference. ...that and they cost Money :-D

Mass produced plastic tents, , by nature of the production,  are uniform, ie; each tent of the same style looks exactly like the next one, same folds, same creases etc.  With most everthing else, Bods, nags, tanks, carts, etc, it´s easy enough to give Variation between each individual Piece, converting, adding bits (Guyropes) or recreating damage/wear and tear..but tents?

I was going to use some Renedra tents, nice in thier own way but as I´ve mentioned, too uniform. Put in "Rows of tents" as a Picture search and you´ll see what I mean...same make and style of tents (in a lot of the pics) but they each have a character of thier own.
With this in mind I decided to make some of my own "mass produced" tents.
How it´s done I´ve already shown HERE
Close up of one of them

Now onto the "camp scenery"  and a Mess tent....then the adventure can begin.

But, before that..a 1:1 mini adventure.
After several days going out at dusk in search of a couple of Baby Tawny  owls, only getting some  dark blurred Pictures, Today, at around 14.00 hours local time, the squawking of blackbirds gave thier approximate locality away and after a painstakingly slow creep into the Woods (Lasting 1/2 an hour for a few meters there and the same back)  I finally got some half decent photos.
They´ve been named...from left to right..Pudding and Pie

A couple of blurry Close ups

Saturday 4 June 2016

Wagons for Bodstonia

A delivery of 5 new Wagons and 6 ponies from the mainland..the two mules and the two nags were already in Bodstonia.
Two Ambulance wagons and one Munitions wagon  - Imex
one Chuck Wagon and one Prairie Schooner - Imex

People Transporters? The two mules (rear wagon) are from Strelets
Bog Standard "things" Transporter
Covered wagon. The nags are from the MiniArt Hussites set.
My favourite of the Group. This one will end up (in the Bodstonia world ) as a combined Doctors/vivandière wagon

 In Situ HERE