Sunday 11 August 2013

Roma Victor!!!

Or, grammatically correct, "Roma Victrix!" but Roma Victor does Sound better.
The command bods from Strelets Imperial Roman Legion 1 which suggests there will be an Imperial Roman Legion 2..
There´s a complete Review of all the sets you get in the box at PSR, a total of 168 bods and 6 nags, this lot are just the command bods, 18 foot and 6 mounted
Mounted bods. I´ve given "Julius" a slightly chunkier nag from another set
Officers on foot
The Junior officers....
"Signo sequute!"
Imaginifer to the left and an aquilifer to the right
The centurion on the left looks like he´s saying "go on my son!"
The bod on the right carries a Hastile (stick carried by an optio) but so does the bod on the left whose helmet is that of a Centurions(?) I´ve painted the knobs one metal the other White as I found both variations.