Wednesday 3 July 2013

Medieval Knights tents

Made from resin, these 1/72nd scale tents, created by  Torsten Burgdorf, are available from the Croeburn Project shop under the titel (quite near the bottom of the page)  Mittelalter:WM-MA 001 - Ritterzelte.(Medieval Knights tents)
I haven´t added any, so they are usable in Connection with whatever,,hussites etc and two..after all the Heraldry for the bannockburn Knights I couldn´t face painting it any more.
They´ve got a good material effect  which makes them easy to paint.
What happens when all the work of putting up the tents is finished????
Looks like Hugh Jarsé´s Men are acting in thier usual manner. Can mean only one Thing, Sir Hugh, his Servant sir R.Sliker and that miserable toad,  the Sergeant-at-arms, Hugo First are away planning something dastardly.  

As usual, some of them can´t hold thier mead.