Thursday 11 June 2015

"King John's" Hunting Lodge - Axbridge

"King John's" Hunting Lodge -Axbridge  or as near as I could reproduce it from photos found on the web.
Re-creating a reallife building is way more time intensive than just making one up, measuring etc so it will end up looking near enough in porportion (the plans below) but the result is, IMHO, way better.

I´ve made a couple of changes from the real life Version;
1. The shop Windows I made smaller as the construction was impossible using Card.
2. The back wall and right Hand wall I´ve made up , the original back wall is a massive Stone affair.
3. I´ve left the chimney off.
4. I left off the fretwork above the Windows.

Basic history and info on the original can be seen HERE
Rough sketch (to scale) to plan out how it will actually Transfer to the model..and it allows for small changes now rather than wasting  time and cardboard later.

Roofing tiles made from thin Card , strips 1cm wide, marked at 1/2cm intervals and the edges snipped with scissors. In the pic the Strip is 2 cm´s wide which makes easier to Hold during snipping. The snipping can be toe curlingly boring but way easier than sticking the tiles individually.  
I´m pleased with the way it´s turned out so the rest of the houses will get the same hours of "fun" ahead :-)

A slightly sterner Version of the kings head sculpture that adorns the original building.

The Windows are made using mesh from a bag of oranges, cut to size then painted black and thin pieces of scrap plastic from Containers behind

.............and just to Show it´s virtually all  made from scrap Card.....

I reckon I´ll Need to add a Pub to the town, so I might have a go at this one,  Leigh-Pemberton House,