Sunday 21 October 2012

Medieval Haymaker

A mini-dio for the 10th painting comp at the Valdemar Forum.
I don´t have much chance ..not against one of Mich´s Dios...he does some incredible stuff..well worth looking at on his site, Michdioramas isn´t the´s the taking part.. trying to  create something original that fits within the guidelines.

The guidelines for the comp are;
Make a battle diorama (2 figures or more) , the bloodier the better
At least one ValdemarMiniatures figure
Deadline 1st of december

My idea is to have a peasant getting his own back against one of the kingsmen....:-D
The Haymaker  delivers a Haymaker   ;-D

The blood I recreated by hanging the bod upside down and  adding a small piece of silicon, gently pulling it into thin threads with a pin as it dried and then painted it red.