Tuesday 9 July 2013

Medieval Prison Wagon

Not a lot of evidence of there actually being such things in the medieval period. There´s a couple of so called medieval prison wagons at the Mittelalterliches Kriminalmuseum( Medieval Crime Museum)  in Bavaria but looking at them they look like (at the best) late medieval ones.
No smoothing down of surfaces on this wagon...it´s not intended for pleasure rides so I wanted it looking as rough and ready as possible.
The bod is from the strelets Norman army on the march set and the Oxen from one of the recent Linear-B or Strelets Transport  sets 
The door I´ve left open so that "passengers" can be added later.
One Problem solved. Normally I fix the beasts to the base and then do the basing, adding the cart or whatever last. This means the  height of the towing bar has to be adjusted taking into consideration a level of basing material which nearly álways means the Yolk doesn´t exactly match and a lot of fiddly adjustment is needed. With a movable towing bar the height is instantly variable.
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