Tuesday 3 June 2014

More Longbows for Bannockburn

The Project slowly plods to a Close...and about time as well...with only weeks to go to the anniversary.
This lot are a bunch of generic english archers.
Sets used (including some bits from other sets/manufacturers for conversion purposes)
Army of Henry V
Norman Archers
Army of Joan d'Arc
The Scottish Army of Wallace
The comander, from the Army of Joan dÀrc set,  has had a head and weapon swop
The whole Bow and crossbow force. At a Ratio of 50 :1 it makes 1100 welsh and 500 english archers and 500 crossbows, small part of the entire force of bowmen at Bannockburn. Basically, I´ve run out of conversion ideas and without the Million to one Chance that Strelets brings out a set of generic archers in the next week or so, I will never get around to converting and painting another 50 or so.
Also, with a set of english infantry and a handfull of Gillies plus some scenery  to get finished alongside work it´ll have to do.