Thursday 11 June 2020

Airfix 1/76 WWI MKI Male Tank -Take 2

A break from D.A.B´s*...Another go at an Airfix WWI tank.
I´ve built the Male version (Here) and the Female version (Here) before, but this time it´s in honour of a prolific Model builder and long time member of the Airfix Tribute Forum, who sadly left us this year after a long fight with cancer.
I used the colour scheme on the back of the box. I stuck to the pattern as much as I could.
A bit of the build. I didn´t take pics of all stages as, after the base coat had dried,  I got carried away and got the thing finished in two two hour sittings.
Fitting the parts together
Base coat, a mix of ocre, white and a slight drop of mid green.
The brown was plain chocolate brown, the green - mid green with brown added, the black - well, Black 
Tracks painted with a mix of Anthracite/Black and brown. Highlight with a mix of Anthracite and black. 
I glued the tracks straight onto the body using second glue. 
*D.A.B´s = Dark Age Bods