Monday 23 January 2012

Atlantic Greek Chariot

Not really up to todays standards..well it was released in 1977!!!
The set shown on PSR is the full booklet style box, I used to love reading the stuff inside!! :-D

The "chariots only" set. The painted bods on the boxart are definately the 1/32nd versions..the size of the moss in the picture is a dead giveaway.
Hello to Franck from  the Forgotten & Glorious Company of Art.   28mm WWI minis...some of them painted by Oniria..IMHO, one of the best painters in the hobby. 
PS, Franck, your blogger friends link is not on. 

And this looks interesting. It´s been running since the 1st of January this year. I haven´t heard anything about it anywhere..and even though I follow La Figoblogtheque, a vote for your favourite blog of 2011..