Thursday 12 September 2013

Scottish Baggage train (Bannockburn)

This will represent Sir William de Erth of Airth´s  baggage train at Bannockburn. I won´t even consider creating the english baggage Train as even with them plundering the local countryside for provisions it  must have been massive and would be a Project all of it´s own.
The  wagons used will be either scratch built or the ones in the strelets Transport sets but with considerable Alteration.. The Crews, guards and  the animals pulling them will be from Strelets.
Sets used;
Normans on the March (several of the marching bods)
Strelets Norman Train (Driver and wagon wheels)
Roman Transport  (the ox)
Medieval Levy (2)  (marching bods)
"Shaab" with crusader Crew (one the marching bods)                  

The bods new weapons come from the Zvezda medieval peasants set.
Removable /swoppable load
The wagon is mainly made from old CD case plastic as are the bases.
A group of marching bods.
The new wagon and bods with previous strelets based baggage Train stands. A couple morer Groups of marching bods and some stands with mules/donkeys, should see this finished.
And........the Neoplolitan Painting Challenge is underway.:-D
3 Bloggers, 3 minis, a Blonde vs a Brunette vs a Redhead.
Anne will paint a Blonde, Marzio  will paint a Brunette and I´ll be painting a Redhead.
Final pics and The Vote is on the 7th of Oct over at Anne´s blog.
Here´s mine, primed and ready. (The left hand hasn´t been attached yet)