Monday 14 January 2013

Ben Yusuf's Black Guards

Ben Yusuf' (Yusuf ibn Tashfin) full name -  Yûsuf bnu Tâšfîn Nâçereddîn bnu Tâlâkâkîn as-Sanhâjî ( يوسف بن تاشفين ناصر الدين بن تالاكاكين الصنهاجي  ) created an elite group of soldiers, the  Hasham Guard made up of  2,000 African Infantry and named The Black Guard.
Not based as they are going to be added to with bods from the the Andalusian  and  command sets.
A couple of conversions.
Simple conversion..the bod on the right gets a new arm from the Andalusian light  cavalry set.
The top half of the bod on the left comes from the  Andalusian Heavy Cavalry set anf the body of the bod on the left from the HaT gallic command set
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