Thursday 13 June 2013

Scottish Cavalry - Bannockburn (Pt 9)

The cavaly commanded by Robert II Kieth,  Marischal of Scotland.
Most of them come from the Military Order Sergeants set, which has conveniently divided up into two halves, one half wearing the Kettle type helmet, who will end up as part of the english cavalry, the rest a mixture of headgear who ended up as the scottish cavalry.
The second stand withthe  flag bearer carrying the Saltire.  Historically correct? To be honest I´ve no idea but it serves to make it immediately recognisable as a stand of scottish cavalry.
Sets used;
Military Order Sergeants
English Cavalry of Edward I (unamed kniggit and his nag)
Army of Henry V (Kieth´s Standard bearers nag)
Medieval Britain (Kieths Standard bearer)
The whole force charging off to scatter the english archers

This guy..he Looks a bit of a kniggit type so I´ll have to dig up a Name for him.

The Scottish Forces so far.

A lot of People don´t like Strelets "chunky" style, and although this is true of some of thier sets it isn´t always the case.