Monday 9 September 2013

Polish Field Artillery (Mars)

Another set of medieval artillery from the manufacturer Mars. 4 guns,  each with a 4 man Crew, again, IMHO,  like the Siege Bombard set,  a bargain.
This lot have been kitted out in the colour  scheme I´ve Chosen for my artillery bods. (which I forgot to use on the Bombard Crew..DOH!!)

The weapon. This one looks like  a large version of a hussite tarasnice from 15th century. They had a caliber from 5 to 10 cm´and had an effective range of 250 -300m´s.
It was fiddly to put together, the holes meant to take the stand etc werent fully drilled through (they had plastic in them from the casting) and the shaft attached to the Barrel had no hole at all. Still, all easily remedied and the end effect is very nice.

Handgonne  ("hand cannon") in use, ca. 1400  (from Karl Keyser, Belli Fortis)

A fun Video of a Tarasnice (to the right of the Screen) and two Haufnitz (Howitzers) being fired.