Sunday 6 October 2019

Knights of the Round Table

Another Project, along the lines of Painting the Coats-of-Arms of the Magna Carter Knights.
This time only 12 in total..the ones that sat at the table but there´s quite a few others so I might just add one or two others along the way.

Knights of the Round Table

I´m taking the C-o-A Patterns from the Heraldic society´s page as there are other versions for one or two of the characters, Bors being a good example. He is shown (as in the link on his name) as having dárgent and two bendlets Azure but in sinister on a window at St Cuthbert´s Church, Holme Lacy (Here)
The Bendlets being sinister and therefore not common could either be a mistake on behalf of the window maker* or deliberate as to distinguish Bors from the normal way of Things.  Anyway, it ain´t on the Heraldic Society site so of no interest.
Well, it was a wee bit interesting but not relevant seeing as I´m sticking to one source for sanity´s sake.

First up, Bors de Ganis. (Right)Son of King Bors, so Bors the younger but commonly referred to in the legend as King Bors. Ermine, three Bendlets gules
Lancelot du Lac. (Left) Argent, three Bendlets gules. His C-o-A is also shown as having one or two red Stripes on White.
The kniggits and thier Nags are from the Revell/Accurate French Knights set, the riders are converted. Obviously thier armour is a wee bit "modern" for the modernist supposed time of the Arthurian legend but I don´t really  like  the post Romano depiction. IMHO, they were Knights in Shining armour not a bunch of "we missed the last Galley out"  Legionaries so I´ll be using bods from across the Medieval  time period shown at PSR:

They will be added to the list on the Medieval Lords and Ladies Post as even though they are the stuff of Legend, Robin Hood is already there so why not?

*Sorry, Glasier