Saturday 21 July 2012


They were sold as  orcs..(I think) when I bought them over 15 years ago. What make they are, I´ve no idea but they are just the right size to be used as 1/72nd scale Trolls.
I only found the 4 of them in my collection of old metal bods, pity as I would like a couple more.
The boss and his right hand man  troll
Bip and snot..
A bit chunkier than their Orc mates but then a troll would be
I like thier faces...
Hello to Thomas from Project Mollwitz blog. A project to recreate  the Battle of Mollwitz  April 1741 between Austria and Prussia
He also has another two blogs, at one of which, Schmock, he is running a "giveaway"
And welcome to Alan (Tangfastico ) He´s just started out in the blogging world...with his blog Model Madness.