Friday 6 January 2017

Airfix ACW Wargaming - Cavalry completed

32 in total, 16 for the Union and 16 for the Confederacy.
Based on 2mm MDF board.
The Union Bods.
I kept one of the Standard bearers with the original flag..I didn´t have the heart to remove it.

Basing sizes,  according to the  Airfix American Civil War Wargaming book.

Infantry - single basing.  Frontage of 12.5mm with a 10mm depth. I´m basing them in pairs so a base will be 2.5cm´s wide with a 2cm depth.
Basically, appart from the artillery,  this is about all the basing advice the book gives so I´ve used the  12.5mm x 10mm as a Basis and "scaled it up" for the other arms.
Cavalry - 2 mounted bods per base =  width 5cm´s and depth 4 cm´s.
Individual mounted - Generals etc =  2.5cm´s by 4cm´s
Individual foot - Gunners etc = as per the Suggestion in the book, 12.5mm by 10mm
Artillery - A triangle with all 3 sides 5cm´s. The Limbers I´ve based at 4cm´s by 10cm´s.

Some of the bods were missing thier Sabres/sheaths so I replaced them with staples*. This was easier than I first thought. Luckily I recently  found a staple Cartridge (Here) which has  all the staples unformed, ie; not in the classic "U" shape but flat.
A Sabres I made a hole in the Hand with a pin and pushed the staple in, then cut it to length.
For the sheaths, I cut a staple to the correct length, heated it over a candle flame (Holding with a pair of tweezers) and simply "welded" it to the side of the bod.

*Using staples was mentioned in the "Bods and Generals" post.   There´s 5000 staples in the Cartridge so it will last a while