Sunday, 6 March 2011

Airfix Waterloo French Imperial Guard III

Right...I´ve finally got each pose of the set finished which means another mob in the quest out of the way.:-D
Les officers and mates
Les "Grunts"
Hello James Brewerton. James has three Blogs, I won´t list them all but on his Blog Exiles Wargames Painter, he shows his work which he, in his own word..."things I´m painting for fun or money"


After a "call out" yesterday over at Porky´s Exspanse! to promote small scale sculptors and manufacturers, I would like to take up the call here by promoting a few makers and sellers of 1/72nd bods and stuff.

First up is Alex and Jens who sculpt some amazing Medieval bods and buildings  which are sold at Valdemars. The range goes from Kings  to the lowliest peasants and everything inbetween, knights, sherrifs, musicians....the lot!!!!
Examples of Alex´s work I have featured here

Next up is Leonardo of  Phersuminiatures, a one man bod maker. He sculpts mainly ancients which are sold in plastic or metal, but his Cavemen are a definate one off in 1/72nd scale. I mean, where else can you get them??  A very creative guy with a great imagination and a good perspective on poses etc.

Tom of CW-toys....He sells a selection of sculpts made by individuals who create small sets of specialist "can´t get anywhere else" bods (also 1/72nd scale)

Kai of  KF 1/72nd  He has lots of "small" manufacturer stuff on his site, also "can´t get elsewhere" Bods.

Martin of Miniatuurwereld. Again, Martin sells small scale makers bods and equipment.

Peter and Konrad of Fredericus Rex.. 1/72nd Houses and bods,  equipment and and. Mostly medievals but also other eras are to be had.

Peter of Petersfiguren. Peter sculpts and offers a personal service..if you want a certain figure in a certain pose he will do this for you.

João of G.E.M (Garage Exclusive Models). João makes some great little accesories for the 1/72nd world, a lot of which will fit into a wide range of eras.

Obviously the Bods from small "kitchen sink" producers are not as cheap as "run of the mill" stuff, but IMHO, worth the few extra pennies.
I have put all the above (in no particular order of preference) in the list for two main reasons;
1. They are all nice people...I have met most of them and have never had any trouble with any of them.
2. They either sell or make small runs of Bods themselves.
3. They all have a passion for the hobby, they all paint and produce figures to a standard some of us (including myself) can only dream of. Inspirational :-D

Support the small producers and sellers of small runs of Bods :-D
I apologise to anyone I have not included, my memory ain´t what it used to be (if you read this and feel missed out...(remember the list is for 1/72nd bods) add to the responses below this post and I will edit accordingly) The same goes for if the links don´t time of publishing this they all did.
I also apologise for not doing enough to promote you all as much as I should.