Tuesday 18 September 2012

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker....

Guild Warriors. In the medieval period they seemed to have a guild for just about every trade going. Every guild had it´s own meeting place and every major town had a hall where all the guilds could gather under one roof...the Guild Hall.
Enough babbling from me..there´s a lot of interesting facts about medieval guilds which can be read up on HERE
I´ll quote one part though, my reason for creating some Guild warriors;
"Guild members were expected to help to protect the town or the city where the guild operated. These civic duties included providing a militia for the town, policing the streets and constructing public buildings and walls to defend the town or city"

A couple of conversions using bods from the Zvezda Medieval Peasant army set and legs and nags from the zvezda French Knights set. The foot bod is just a standard bod from the Peasant army set, his scythe replaced with a flag.
Lord mayor of Styrow-on-the-Foam. He´s the elected head of the Money lenders guild so can afford some decent armour
Standard bearer for the Armourers guild
Standard bearer for the Woodcutters guild
Flags ( for the Guilds of Ghent, ca 1300 – 1450) from Dansk Figursspilsforening (HYW) There´s some really great looking guild banners like these;
Hello to Captiain LOL from Figurine Passion Blog. He paints larger scale figs, sculpts etc..and it´s well worth having a look at his blog...his brushwork on the North american woman and her child is really very nice.