Tuesday 26 February 2019

Blast from the past 2

Due to a PM conversation over at the Airfix Tribute Forum it was decided to start a thread showcasing some of our old models from way back.

Unfortunately, well over 90% of my Collection hasn´t stood the test of time. It´s either been given away, lost in the flower beds, broken or binned. 😞
1000´s of 1/72nd bods, 100´s of 1/72nd tanks, planes. Hundreds and hundreds of 1/32nd bods and dozens of 1/32nd scale AFV´s and Buildings...all gone 😢

First up, some 1/32nd - 1/35th scale Multi part german soldiery. There´s a pile more but the glue hasn´t  Held and arms, heads etc have come unstuck.
"Never paint the eyes!"
Three surviving (just) 1/72nd scale tanks. I´ve got some better preserved examples but these are interesting due to one or two small "Upgrades"
An attempt to recreate Zimmerit by pressing a small screwdriver heated over a candle into the plastic.
I can´t even remember having heard of zimmerit back then and how to recreate it 

"Battlefield repair". Barrel replacement using a nail, head cut off, pointy end heated up and jammed into the mantel. Note the track is welded onto the hull. This was probably due to the tracks being difficult to attach properly..the joinging lugs virtually always broke.
This one was an attempt at creating an interior. The two blobs next to the ammo rack are the feet of the commander..or perhaps... he just left his boots behind
The red blobs on the photos cover Symbols that are forbidden to reproduce here.