Friday 30 December 2011

Tank "Brewing up"

A bit of "end of the year fun" :-D (just press play)

10 points to anyone who can guess which film the soundtrack comes from

Thursday 29 December 2011

Medieval Tournament - Finished

I actually have got one project finished this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I´m not going to bother with the Quitain or the standards that come with the sets. They just seem pointless.

The richkids viewing box. I´ve left the Roof unglued
 Hunting Scene printed out and glued in place.
 Fences. The two bar fences can be put together in an "S" form but filling etc soons solves that
 The Bus stop. Actually, abandoned church.
 The whole set together.
Not only has my basing moved the Knights further away from each other but the Lances are Held incorrectly. They should be Held with across Body towards the Shield . As sthey are the Shield is useless.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Medieval Tournament (Italeri) Pt2

The Mounted knights.
As with the foot bods, these are to be found in both the Medieval Tournament and the Medieval Challenge sets. I´m considering painting the other 4 as well, but replacing the lances and giving one of the sidearm carrying bods with a flashy over-the-top standard..

Sunday 25 December 2011

Order of St Lazarus

Not a made up order of Hospitaler knights but one of the oldest of them. I only found out about them after seeing a wonderfully  painted model of one by Dimitris from Figure Painter blog. 
The Valdemar bods had been lying about  in my collection for a while and a duel with Pascal was a good chance to use them.
The history of the Lazarus Order is very interesting..more reading here   and   here

Friday 23 December 2011

Medieval Tournament (Italeri)

Or "Lords and Ladies, Knights and Knaves"
I´ve had this (and the Medieval Challenge) in the "stash" for a while now but finally got around to painting it after getting the single bods from Jöse (1/72nd Depot
This is a bit of a WIP but I´ll only show the bods etc as they are finished. Next...the mounted knights.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

The CCC ( Colonial Camel Corps)

I really don´t like painting camels...there´s so much of them!!!! :-D
This lot are made up from the HaT british camel corps and the HaT Egyptian Camel Corps
Nice sets...only one thing..there could be a couple more dismounted bods to create a firing line.
I went for two different camel colour schemes..lighter ones for the off set all the grey and darker for the Egyptians to offset the white.
I painted the helmets as they should be..but I didn´t like the look so went with plain white without the green band.
The faces have turned out looking a bit too dark in the photo...
Definately a lack of different dismounted bods!!!
I nearly forgot...what rules will I use for them?. I´ve got a set of napoleonic wargames rules written by T.J.Halsall and A.M.Roth and published by Newbury. All the basics are there, melee, morale, movement etc..I´ll just have to upgrade weapons ranges, fire rates, come up with an idea for gatling gun effects and bingo :-D

Hello to J Womack Esq. JW, long term blogger has 5 blogs!! I´ll pick one...Victoria's Boys in Red (fits with my present painting theme :-D ) Victoriana / Steampunk...another gaming theme which I really like the look of...   

Monday 19 December 2011

Colonial Light horse and Marines

Firstly, thanks to all for the big response to the Colonial army post...:-D
@Mike...the Army will get a just bit bigger.. it´s not a long term project.
Now for the lastest additions to the army.
The Marines from  the "Black Pig"
The Trumpton lighthorse. Captain Flack is off having a cup of cha. Pictured are Troopers Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub
Hello to JeffM from The lair of the Evil DM blog. There´s some..very interesting models pictured there ;-D
Hello to Gauntlett from Duwburg Gamer. blog. All periods collected and played. He´s only been blogging for a couple of months but already has a fine little collection posted.
Hello to brownk29, Thanks for link??

Saturday 17 December 2011

Colonial Army

A bit of a break from Medievals....lots of red and white colonials...maybe it´s got something to do with having seen lots of people dressed in a similar fashion lately ...yo ho ho.
I´ve been toying with the idea of making a colonial army  for a while now, but got my finger out after seeing these gatling guns and looking jealosly at Duncan´s Blog 20mm Colonial Wargaming
This lot are the start of a "colonial" army who are getting ready to put down an insurrection in the Chocolate producing Principality of Khandihar...led by the incontinent Kailf..Mustapha leek
The mission has to be successfull, I will the ladies and gents back home get to sleep without thier mugs of hot chocolate in the evening ???
The army so far. The 9-Pdr I  painted some time ago, but the rest in the last 3 days :-D
Any historical similarity to any kilts pattern in existance is purely coincidental :-P
The red jackets..?? They look good :-D
Gardner Gun from Hat
Gatling gun from HaT
9-Pdr from Hat Colonial artillery
Heliograph and Telescope that come with the Gatling gun set. I´ve  based them seperately so they can be used as signallers or spotters for the artillery.  

Thursday 15 December 2011

Medieval Springauld / Springald

Another addition to my artillery park....a ballista. I haven´t painted the crew as Burgundian´s, I just like the colour scheme :-D
Available from Fredericus -Rex

The Ropes etc seem to have come out a bit white looking in the pics!! :-/
The set comes with a basket of ammo....but I suppose the Ballista could throw big darts or spears like this one;
This Spear throwing Springauld is also availble now from Fredericus -Rex..

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Medieval market

Some of the bods from The Strelets Roman market..converted with a bit snipping and a bit of paint.

All the possible  "conversions" from the set. I could of got a couple more but it would have been stretching it a bit...too many medievals in sleeveless tunics starts to odd
The females don´t need a lot of work..well none really in the case of the poor peasant girl, but the woman with the basket has been careles and let the X-mas goose do a runner.
Again, just a bit of a re-paint. The guy with the whip has swopped his Pugio for a sword.
No change for the bakers with the baker (apart from some warm tights :-D ) The Amphore have had one handle removed to give them a less roman appearance. I could of cut the bottoms flat as well..but that would have meant risking the paintjob ......and  I´m lazy :-D

Hello to Peter celella from Sword and Sandal Gaming blog. A huge amount of Ancients (and other eras) in all scales.
Hello to Gowan from Gowan´s 1/72nd scale models blog. Fun and creativity..His fantasy medievals are great :-D

Sunday 11 December 2011

Medieval German War wagon

A sort of mobile Mantlet..or the first ever Ikea moblie Walk-in-Wardrobe :-D
Scratch built from bits of plastic card, aircraft kit sprue and some old Kinder egg suprise cannonwheels.
What´s behind the doors ? 
A trestlegun, made using the barrel from the bombard from the redbox hussite artillery set.All 4 doors slide open and shut.
German War wagon ca 1480 from the Mittelalteriche Hausbuch

Friday 9 December 2011

Roman market (linear-B)

A new set  by Strelets (release date to be announced) commissioned and exclusive to Linear-b
All the roman bods out selling and buying
Slave traders and wares
Baker, potters and Butcher
Buyers and the woman with a BIG goose!!
Bread maker, cloth merchant and cobbler
For my  full review look here