Friday, 23 October 2015

Scratchbuilt Windmill

After seeing Tony´s excellent scratchbuilt Windmill (HERE) I realised that "Card town" is  missing
I haven´t added any sheeting to the sails yet, I might just leave them as they are.

"In Progress" pics.

Cardboard, toothpicks and a stick from  firework rockets for the base construction.(The Trestle)
The sails had always put me off making a windmill, getting them all the same size being the main concern, but after  a bit of thought a solution is found.
After measuring the length of each sail  the Position of the Stock (middle part of the sail),the two Hemlaths (left and right of the Stock ) it made it easy to cut the bars the right size. 
The small block will be the "poll end" (the hub holding the sail armsWhy are they slightly traingular when virtually all windmill sails are rectangular? I simply liked the look. The Piece at the top is the "Tailpole" used for moving the the mill  to face into the wind ( called winding or luffing )

The Windmill in Situ in Bodstonia HERE