Monday 10 October 2011

Strelets Mamelukes

Exactly which unit these are or which exact period I don´t really know ..which gave me a bit of free range on the colours..:-D Nice set...the horses have some  great detail and they all, bods and nags  look like they are involved in a charge..Very little flash to deal with and the detail is very good. I´ll have to get them based up..
The boss, who I have nicknamed  Sumbhajee Angria (and so, we shall go to war!! )
I gave them a general colour scheme..I suppose they are after all one unit. The bod in green, second from the left, his sabre broke off during the shoot.  :-(´s repairable :-D
Close up of Sumbhajee, standard bearer and next to them, two chainmail wearing bods..the one with the lance carries a bow and quiver...