Sunday 26 August 2012

Louis II de Male

Louis II de Male (Count of Flanders) I painted this bod up as Loius II due to a painting comp at the Valdemar Forum..
The "rules" are;
- Medieval king/high ranking knight (mounted, dismounted, running, sleeping)
- One animal (not a horse, but a horse can be included)
- One handpainted shield with heraldic (no need to be advanced)

Usually I would use transfers or printed Heraldry and this is my first real attempt at creating them freehand (and my last! :-D )
The bod is from Valdemar and the hound from Outcast figures Set Nap. Ziv. 03. I twisted the neck of the hound so it ended up looking around slightly.
A couple of other "style" photos.
While I was painting the dog I used tweezers to hold it by one of it´s legs (it comes unbased)
After a minute or so my concentration would lapse, my grip on the tweezers  loosened and plop went doggy. Also putting the dog down to rest on it´s feet was near impossible so, a flash of inspiration and  I came up with a solution :-D Wrap a small rubber band around the tweezers!
The rubber band is wrapped around the base end of the tweezers, the piece to be painted held and then the rubber band rolled towards the piece until it grips tightly.
This not only means a constant grip is maintained on the piece but it can be put down without any part of it sticking to a surface!

Hello to Francois Simon from WesterNCity N Scale Layout blog. He´s only been blogging a couple of months but already has some great stuff including A really good run through on stage by stage building of a wild west train diorama. on the web is a site with all the colour conversion charts you a gallery, kit instructions (in case you missing them) and more at Scale World