Tuesday 16 February 2016

Hussite Camp 3 - Medieval horse Care

From the excellent Hussite Camp range created by Frank Gemershaus.
This lot (and a few more besides) are destined to end up as part of the Teutonic Order 1329 dio
So far, 6 nags and 5 bods
Again, for each part I´ve added a  photo  with it´s original german titel and english Translation.
Knecht führt Zugpferdepaar (Servant leading a pair of draft horses)
Knecht schleppt Grünfutter (Servant bringing Forage)
Knecht striegelt Pferd (Servant grooming horse)
Knecht tränkt Pferd aus Eimer (servant giving a horse a drink from a  bucket)
Knecht füllt Futtertrog nach (Servant refilling feeding trough)
And one lot not in the top pic (they were mixed in with the footfolk and the wagons so got overlooked).
Knecht, gerüstet, führt Zugpferdepaar (Servant, equiped/armed,  leading a pair of draft horses)
Due to a couple of People feckin me around with buying / swopping (I shan´t Name names but I feel like it) If any one wants anything..it´s pay first then I send it..registered post...finito.