Wednesday 15 January 2014

Roman Baths /Thermae

I was going to post a Roman building  how to but Blogger is playing up and I can´t upload the last two it´s a Roman bath house for now.
Without going over the top with Detail and accuracy,  a representation of part of the Roman Baths in Weißenburg, Germany. I left off the buildings at the back,(Parts of the Atrium)  replacing them with a building for servicing the heating System.   Also, I built only one Laconicum (the curved section to the right)
HERE is a link to an interactive site about the Baths at Weißenburg, showing what the southwest of the baths looked like with the complete Atrium, excercise yard and additional Laconicum
As it grew,  I realised that it would get a bit big. The total length of the Atrium,  Apodyterium, Frigidarium and the Tepidarium is 55cm´s and storage would be a Problem, so it´s built in two sections. The curved Roof for the Laconicum is made from a 1/4 section of  a plastic ball.

The Atrium.
The bath section with the Apodyterium, Frigidarium,  Tepidarium and  Laconicum.
I´ve added extra Service rooms to the southwest wall to break up what would otherwise be a boring expanse of White wall.

The whole town so far, I´ll have to make some paving for the streets and get hold of a decent Background.  Arena still under re-construction. Planned is still the Lupinaruim a insula or two and A section of town wall with a gate house etc might be  a good idea ....or ? :-D