Tuesday 1 January 2019

Strelets - 12pdr Whitworth Rifle with Confederate crew

3 guns and 21 bods in the set. More than average amount of Flash than Strelets latest sets but not as much as some manufacturers.
The Crew.
The ones who are posed to turn the wheels and the one who appears to be aiming the gun (on the left of the pic)  have slightly lobster type Hands but in the main the Crew is fine, especialy the officer,
Not a ramrod,  which would be useless for a breech loader but a sponge for cleaning the Barrel*
The Gun
The Barrel of the gun was (on all three sprues) was a bit bent but hot water Treatment sorts that and  the trunions on the Barrel needed shortening...apart from that, the gun fits together well, the only bit of glueing needed was the adjuster under the breech.
Interestingly, the guns breech is modelled with a friction primer guard...a field Alteration that was taken to stop the friction primer (inserted into the rear of the breech) flying out due to the pressure created when firing the gun.
When put together the gun has an odd look to it..the Position of the Barrel to carriage Ratio looks odd, especially the breach side of the gun being so Long to the rear of the trunnions.  They, in real life, did look a bit "out of Balance"
Pic hosted at Civil war Wiki Net 
The set is fine and shows for the first time in 1/72nd plastic a gun that needed making..and as Strelets brought out this one, someone else did as well. Told you it needed making 😀
Not just Whitworths but also an accurate version of a 10pdr Parrot rifle and ...Napoleons, and seige guns and...... they come with Equipment or without as can be seen below.
Not only guns but loads of bods (and Bodettes) .....all in original poses, like these
Where do I get these lovely bods and guns I hear you ask....well the Name of the new manufacturer is.......

.....and the link to his site is found by clicking  HERE 😊
You want  them  but not in 172nd scale? Well, no probs as  he says;

Customization?We can do some customizations of the models, just ask for price info. And no problem with other scales than 1/72, please make a request and we can propably resolve it and also calculate the price difference for you.

*Apparently the breech was prone to jamming so they were loaded as a breechloader so a ram coud be usefull.