Sunday 30 April 2017

Hastings 1066: Norman Army - Strelets

The New mounted bods  from the Strelets "Big box, "Hastings 1066: Norman Army"
14 bod poses and the all too familiar Nags. Not too much wrong with the nags, they have thier faults but seeing as they Feature in nearly all the Strelets Norman Range and a few other medieval /Dark Age cavalry sets, tis bout time some new nags twere sculpted methinks.

As with my previous efforts at Normans, I´ve stuck with the red/White shield Patterns..I know, not historically correct but I like it  and anyways,  I can use them in a Fantasy role alongside the Dwarves and elves in keeping those pesky orcs in check.

A couple of the nags got swopped for ones from other makes, the standard (originally a moulded flag) got removed and replaced with a paper one, one or two weapons got swopped, Lances and an axe or two
A couple of Close ups
Odo of Bayeux, half-brother of William
William the Conqueror . I´m not sure why he´s brought his Teddy along to the fight

Massed Norman cavalry.
46 in total, mainly Strelets but with additions of 4  from HäT´s  El Cid Spanish Heavy Cavalry and 4 metal ones (I´ve forgotton which make)