Tuesday 5 September 2017

Medieval Mortar crew - LW

One of the better sets from LW..even though the Mortar is ..er?..quite big! Actually, big is an Understatement..it´s bloody MASSIVE!!!
The Crew. Not a bad selection of poses but  too few in number considering the weapon they are serving. Not only that but only one poor bod is actually working..and considering the size of the mortar..what he´s doing isn´t exactly going to be very effective.
The BIG Mortar.  Made  of softish plastic, the   frame needed "welding" to Keep the sides firmly in place.  The bar to alter the angle I swopped for a metal one although considering what the Barrel would weigh if it were real, I can´t imagine how the angle of fire could  possibly be reset. 
Not only is it way too big but I reckon that if it were actually be fired the barrel would fly backwards or break out of the base. 

The Crew aren´t too bad so will find Jobs elsewhere.
The BIG mortar ? I´m not really into having exact historical accuracy but this device is a Little beyond a bit of bending of reality with a "maybe they could have had such monstrosities" excuse so it will end up either being used in a Fantasy Setting by the Dwarves or Orcs.