Sunday, 10 February 2019

Movement Trays

They aren´t  included in the old Airfix rules but moving 16 Regiments with 10 individual bases @ 2 bods a base per Regiment was time consuming so I had to have some movement trays.
Made using 2mm Wood sheet that came as part of the packaging for a ready built Sideboard. A pain to cut the Frame and glue it to the base so to save my nerves I made 2 a day.
All the Union and confederate Regiments happily based

Remember the new 1/72nd ACW range by

A choice of scales has now been added. The poses can be ordered in 6mm upwards for example HERE

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Swedish Artillery of Charles XII (Pt2)

The mobile section. In extremis, roads aren´t that common in Bodstonia, this lot can be used to supply a bit more firepower to any Bodstonian field expeditions.
The gun limber. I know, two poor nags straining to pull the gun but at some Point I´ll get hold of a smaller  "galloper" type of gun.
Using the two nag Team for the gun allows the 4 nag Team to pull the carriage
This pair have been added to get the numbers up to 5, a decent enough amount for a gun Team, especially if it will (eventually) be a smaller calibre one. 
Made using a spare dragoon from the swedish dragoons Charles XII set and a spare "outrider" from the Artillery of Charles XII set with thier right arms swopped from the Standing bods from both artillery sets.
The nags are from both the swedish and russian dragoons sets. 

Monday, 28 January 2019

Swedish Artillery of Charles XII

Again, as with the Zvezda Artillery of Peter the Great, this lot have been recruited into the Bodstonian ranks.

 Three new guns
The whole battery*, including the Purple roses gun Team and a few extra conversions mixing bits from both Zvezda sets to bump up the numbers

* I forgot to add another Howitzer to the line up from the Zvezda Russian Artillery of Peter the Great set. It´s painted a different colour anyway so it would have looked out of place. It´ll have to be added to the Bodstonian Militia.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Bodstonian Dragoons (Pt 6)

The last addition to the Bodstonian dragoons bringing the numbers up to 16, two squads of eight.
The bod is a combination of the Horse holder from the Zvezda Dragoons of Peter I  set and the mounted  pistol firing bod from the Zvezda Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII set.
The Nag, who had it´s head down eating grass, from the Swedish Dragoons set,  had a head swop from one of the other nags in the set.
Next ? I think it´s about time The Bodstonian Artillery got  a bit of an upgrade

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Bodstonian Dragoons (Pt5)

Eight new additions to the Bodstonian Dragoons using the Zvezda Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII.
The riders haven´t got the big cuffs that thier previous comrades have and the nags don´t have blanket rolls but both sets are similar enough to mix together.

A couple of Close ups
The whole mounted  section. There´s 11 in the pic but three are normally the army command group
The firing line with dismounted and mounted dragoons

So far that makes 18 in total. Taking away the Army command group (HERE),   Colonel Jeremiah Coleman plus the Drummer and Standard bearer,   that leaves 15 dragoons under Rupert´s command.
15? Bit of an odd number ...they  require another new recruit. 

Friday, 4 January 2019

Strelets - 30 pdr Parrot Rifle with US crew

As with the Whitworth rifle set, 21 bods and 3 guns per set.
The Crew. A Tinsy bit of Flash needed removing.
The bod yanking the fuse rope. The molded Version of the rope was too short and too thick so it got replaced with copper wire. Easy Job. Slice off plastic rope, drill hole, add wire. I could have used  thinner wire but then it would have sagged.
The Shell being lugged  looks a tad too big for the gun but apart from that a fine looking Crew.

The Gun.... is big...very big but size wise alongside the Crew it looks fine.
My question would be "Why a 30pdr and not the more common 10 pdr versions?" Ok, 30pdrs are recorded as being used in the field but not as commonly as the 10-20pdr versions. 
A couple of Problems;
The wheels apart from the 4 odd looking "Renaissance style" reinforcement blocks on the Wheel rims they have 16 spokes. In reality they had 14.
According to :

The Hand-book of Artillery, for the Service of the United States, Army and Militia. With the Manual of Heavy Artillery, Including that of the New Iron Carriage"
By Joseph Robert, Major, 4TH Regt. Art., U.S.A., and Colonel ed Penn. Art.
Fifth Edition, Revised and Greatly Enlarged. New York: D. Van Nostrand, 192 Broadway, 1863. ... ArtCarMach

How many kinds of wheels are employed for field carriages?
Two: No. 1 for the 6-pdr. gun-carriage, the Caisson, the forge, the battery-wagon, and for the limbers of all field carriages. No.2 for the 24 and 32-pdr. Howitzer and the 12-pdr. Gun-carriages.
In what respects are these wheels similar ?
They are of the same form and height, and they fit on the same axle-tree arm. The height is 57 inches, and each wheel is composed of 14 spokes and 7 fellies.

The Trunnions. For some reason, the sculptor decided to have them seperate from the Barrel. This means having to drill a hole through the Barrel, which by the time I´d done this, I´d decided to use a bit of copper wire to create the trunnions rather than try to fiddle the plastic ones through the Barrel.
The cascable (round bit at the end of the breach)  Again seperate...why? It means another hole needing to be drilled. 
The Manouvering Bolts at the Trail end were ok but a bit stumpy so they got replaced with copper wire. 
The adjusting screw. The hole to fit it is dead centre of the would be better a bit to the left so when added it sits just beside the cascable as it did in real this;
Any way, I used the 16 spoke wheels as this will become part of the ACW wargame Project so historical accuracy isn´t really called for. 
Here´s a great vid of an original 30pdr being fired. Loads of interesting stuff, first a bit of history, then explaining the difference between Percussion and time charges, all the parts  of the gun, what parts each crewman played  etc. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Strelets - 12pdr Whitworth Rifle with Confederate crew

3 guns and 21 bods in the set. More than average amount of Flash than Strelets latest sets but not as much as some manufacturers.
The Crew.
The ones who are posed to turn the wheels and the one who appears to be aiming the gun (on the left of the pic)  have slightly lobster type Hands but in the main the Crew is fine, especialy the officer,
Not a ramrod,  which would be useless for a breech loader but a sponge for cleaning the Barrel*
The Gun
The Barrel of the gun was (on all three sprues) was a bit bent but hot water Treatment sorts that and  the trunions on the Barrel needed shortening...apart from that, the gun fits together well, the only bit of glueing needed was the adjuster under the breech.
Interestingly, the guns breech is modelled with a friction primer guard...a field Alteration that was taken to stop the friction primer (inserted into the rear of the breech) flying out due to the pressure created when firing the gun.
When put together the gun has an odd look to it..the Position of the Barrel to carriage Ratio looks odd, especially the breach side of the gun being so Long to the rear of the trunnions.  They, in real life, did look a bit "out of Balance"
Pic hosted at Civil war Wiki Net 
The set is fine and shows for the first time in 1/72nd plastic a gun that needed making..and as Strelets brought out this one, someone else did as well. Told you it needed making 😀
Not just Whitworths but also an accurate version of a 10pdr Parrot rifle and ...Napoleons, and seige guns and...... they come with Equipment or without as can be seen below.
Not only guns but loads of bods (and Bodettes) .....all in original poses, like these
Where do I get these lovely bods and guns I hear you ask....well the Name of the new manufacturer is.......

.....and the link to his site is found by clicking  HERE 😊
You want  them  but not in 172nd scale? Well, no probs as  he says;

Customization?We can do some customizations of the models, just ask for price info. And no problem with other scales than 1/72, please make a request and we can propably resolve it and also calculate the price difference for you.

*Apparently the breech was prone to jamming so they were loaded as a breechloader so a ram coud be usefull. 

Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year 2019

"wasn´t I standing here last year?" 
This year wasn´t too bad  Hobbywise
I actually got down to painting about 90% of the stuff I bought and some from the stash, 423 bods, 56 mounted bods, 1 cannon, 3 wagons, 4 pigs, 4 dogs, 1 horse,  5 tables, 4 benches, A Bridge, a house and 1 pack mule.

What became of the plans for this year ? One came to past..the ACW Project was added to but sadly, yet again, Bodstonia got left out 😞 So similar to the Goals of last year.

Plans for next year? More ACW, if not create any storylines I can at least paint up some bods for Bodstonia...and -----?----well, whatever else takes my fancy.          

Medieval Guards on duty (2)                          
Medieval Plunder                                            
Medieval scottish Heavy Cavalry                                                                  
Medieval Drinking Contest                            
Medieval Gunpowder Castle Artillery            
Medieval Scottish light Cavalry                                                                    
Teutonic Infantry on the March (Pt2)                                                      
Medieval European Mercenaries light horse                                                
Medieval Organ Gun
Mixed Medievals for 1329                              
Swiss pike block - Uri                                    
Welsh archers for Bannockburn                    
Humphrey de Bohun                                                                                
Medieval Sailors                                            
Medieval Welsh Spearmen                            
Medieval Looting Party                                                                        
Medieval "On the March" 1                            
More Crossbowmen for Bannockburn          
The Three Musketeers -  Mesdemoiselles        
John Stewart of Bonkyl                                                                                
William wallace and Andrew Moray                                                              
Ralph de Grendon and friends                                                                        
Anthony Bek and friends                                                                                
Zombie Dogs and Wolfen                                
Medieval citizens I                                          
Medieval citizens II                                          
Medieval citizens III                                                                
US infantry Standing                                    
Confederate Infantry Standing                    
Union Infantry on the March                      
Confederate Infantry on the March                
Bods and Generals (2)                                                                                
US troops in Attack                                        
Pickett´s Charge 1                                          
US Troops in Attack 2                                    
Pikett´s Charge 2                                              
US Infantry in Attack                                      
Union Generals                                                                                              
Lizard warriors                                                  
ACW Wounded and Messengers                                                                
Goblin warriors 1                                              
Goblin warriors 2                                              


Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Lizardmen Warriors

Oddly, this set Claims 11 poses on the boxart reality, there´s 12!! Not only of the poses shown on the boxart appears to be carrying some sort of standard..and, he aint included in the 12 poses I got in the box.
The rat´s..Box says 12 but there´s only 11, Lizards, box says 11 but there´s 12. Odd?

The usual softish rubbery type plastic favoured by Caesar, no Flash. Two of them have seperate arms which fit without glueing. As with the ratmen, there´s two types of shields, one cresent shaped and the other round and as with the ratmen, in some cases they need glueing.
Couple of Close ups

A doddle to paint due to the lack of clothing, belts and the like,  I went for a "realistic green" and used that colour scheme for the 12 poses  but then thought..."why not have some in purple ?"
I added a bit of Gold to the mix to create a bit of a shimmer which doesn´t really come out in the pics.
...and, if purple, why not blue ? There´s blue versions on the boxart
The whole gang together
The big lizard Comes from the Modern Mounted Amazons set

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

ACW Wounded and Messengers

Messengers.? Do I really Need them? It might come to a Point where the games will require them but until then...Why not ?
For the confederates and from the Strelets Confederate Command set, the bod representing  , Major John Pelham. any Point, the Project allows for horse artillery, he will be reinstated to his former role.
Luckily, the Strelets Union General Staff set has an ADC who fits the Job as Messenger

The  wounded and dead from the Strelets ACW range. I haven´t painted the bases the old School green yet and nor have I done any blood effects. They are toy soldiers made from plastic...and don´t  contain any blood.......

Pickett´s Charge 1. One casualty. Obviously the Regiment he belongs to  is having a good far.
Pickett´s Charge 2. Not doing so bad with three casualties but still not as bad as the....
...US Troops in attack (2) with 5 men down! 
US Troops in Attack 1. 
Obviously they could all be painted up as either Confederate or Union bods. Less obvious, unless for a dio..what could they be used for? Casualty markers perhaps. Me, I´d have preferred more actual marching, charging poses..the casualty bods could have been produced as a set seperately.