Saturday, 19 October 2019

Knights of the Round Table (Pt3)

Two more, which makes half of the main characters.
Tristram de Lyones, Vert, a Lion rampant Or 
Kay de Seneschal*. Azure, two keys erect  upwards  and outwards argent


Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Orctoberfest (Pt2)

More Missile troops for the Orc army using the archers and crossbows from the  RedBox Dark Alliance goblins set 1 and a couple of new Green Skin archers, two converted from the Caeser Ratmen set and one from the Caeser Orcs with a head swop from one of the Dark alliance orc sets.
The entire Orc army with associated Goblins, Hobgoblin, Wargs and Trolls.
Total 222 individuals.  57 Goblins, 30 Uruks, 24 Warg riders and 5 single Wargs, 90 Orcs, 5 Hobgoblins and 11 Trolls. 

Right wing. Green Skins and Warg riders. The Green Skins are driving captives before them as a Human Shield.
Centre. Orcs, Goblins
Left wing. Uruk Hai and Warg Riders
That´s about half the Dark Alliance Army..Lizardmen, Ratmen, Skellies, Undead and Balrogs not included.

Edit; According to the post counter this is Post number 1000 which, after 9 years,  makes an average of 111 Posts a year and that means..I´m well below average n numbers of Posts for this year. 

Saturday, 12 October 2019


Part of my Addition to the Orctoberfest. 
4 converted Orcs..3 "Greenskins" using heads from the Caeser Orcs set 2 and the Bodies of Caeser´s Ratmen..tails removed.
The other conversion is from the Dark Alliance heavy warg riders set. Legs bent a bit to make a Standing pose.
The Hobgoblin is a 2003 Tom Meier Orc with added mace.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Knights of the Round Table (Pt2)

Another pair of round table kniggits. 

Percival de Galis  Azure*, semy of plain crosslets or.
Sir Bedivere  Or, a gonfanon of three  points gules.
Percival on the left, Bedivere on the Right.

Ok..shiny kniggits in full plate armour to represent the characters from the Arthurian legend? 
I know, I know, the Story is supposed to be set in  post Roman Britian but TBH, I don´t like  the   "we missed the last Galley" Version. It may be historically accurate for a handfull of   them (the lesser known ones that is) to go running about defending wall forts alongside Kiera Knightley covered in blue marker pen but the round table would have  been very small, more an occasional table than much else.   

Most of the main characters appear from the 10th Cent onwards, Gawain, Percival, Tristan, Galahad, Bedivere, Bors, Percival etc and I doubt they would have been sporting Toys R us style Roman kit as  worn by Clive Owen in the 2004 film King Arthur. 

Even his arch enemy Mordred didn´t appear until some 200 years after Arthur was supposed to have been waving his Scimitar About. .  He would have been Pretty short staffed, most importantly missing his main knight, Lancelot,  who didn´t appear until 1170..
Arthurian = Knights in Shining armour!!

*The original says Purpur rather than Azure but the it looked a bit odd so I went with blue with a dab of red rather than full Purple. 

Why the heck most of the text has a White Background I don´t know. I´ve tried removing it but it just won´t "untick"

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Knights of the Round Table

Another Project, along the lines of Painting the Coats-of-Arms of the Magna Carter Knights.
This time only 12 in total..the ones that sat at the table but there´s quite a few others so I might just add one or two others along the way.

Knights of the Round Table

I´m taking the C-o-A Patterns from the Heraldic society´s page as there are other versions for one or two of the characters, Bors being a good example. He is shown (as in the link on his name) as having dárgent and two bendlets Azure but in sinister on a window at St Cuthbert´s Church, Holme Lacy (Here)
The Bendlets being sinister and therefore not common could either be a mistake on behalf of the window maker* or deliberate as to distinguish Bors from the normal way of Things.  Anyway, it ain´t on the Heraldic Society site so of no interest.
Well, it was a wee bit interesting but not relevant seeing as I´m sticking to one source for sanity´s sake.

First up, Bors de Ganis. (Right)Son of King Bors, so Bors the younger but commonly referred to in the legend as King Bors. Ermine, three Bendlets gules
Lancelot du Lac. (Left) Argent, three Bendlets gules. His C-o-A is also shown as having one or two red Stripes on White.
The kniggits and thier Nags are from the Revell/Accurate French Knights set, the riders are converted. Obviously thier armour is a wee bit "modern" for the modernist supposed time of the Arthurian legend but I don´t really  like  the post Romano depiction. IMHO, they were Knights in Shining armour not a bunch of "we missed the last Galley out"  Legionaries so I´ll be using bods from across the Medieval  time period shown at PSR:

They will be added to the list on the Medieval Lords and Ladies Post as even though they are the stuff of Legend, Robin Hood is already there so why not?

*Sorry, Glasier

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Riders of Rohan

Nope, not that lot..the below were a real bunch of rohirrim, the influencial and powerfull French Family of Rohan.
I wasn´t Hunting for anything to do with LotR when I came across them. TBH, I can´t remember what I was researching..something medieval for sure  but what exactly.. no idea.

The named bods are from the 12th -14th centuries and would not have met or even lived at the same time as each other but having them as a Group makes for a good titel.
The Standard bearer carries the Main C-o-A of the house of Rohan. Shields and flag are printed.
Alan III of Rohan, Viscount of Rohan (1135-1195) Gules, seven Mascles or 

Josselin of Rohan of the Rohan-Montaubans. (??)Gules, nine Mascles or and a cadency mark Argent

Alan VI. (1232-1304). Rohan-Gue-de-I´lsle. Gules, nine mascles with Bend Argent

As usual, they´ve been added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list

The make of the bods and most of the nags? The nag* riden by Josselin of Rohan has Ralpartha on it´s base but the rest are unknown makes.
*I added I tail.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Geoffrey Fitzgeoffrey de Mandeville and Geoffrey de Saye

Another two Magna Carta suretie Knights and their nags..easy enough paintjob.
De Saye, Quarterly, or and gules..yellow top left, red top Right
De Mandeville, the oppposite, red top left, yellow top Right.
Added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list bringing the total up to 113. Another 12 are yet to appear but no longer will they be restricted to the 12th-13th centurys.
This new lot will go into another direction entirely..still showing the Coats-of-Arms of some famous Knights, some of which everyone has heard of and some that hardly anyone has heard of..or forgotton.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Gilbert de Gant and friend

Another two dismounted kniggits and thier nags , this time a  Fantasy Coat -of- arms on the right  and Gilbert de Gant, Earl of Lincoln, on the left.
Gilberts´been added to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Mixed Kniggits

No particular Coats-of-Arms, more or less "just for fun"
Valdemar bods and one of the nags is from Italeri

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Artillery of Charles XII

What can you paint with a broken middle finger Right Hand?
This lot :-)
24 poses in the set, one of which is a Streltsi so there´s actually 23 gunners. The set includes Two Cannons which are..well, not bad but not up to the Standard of ones from the likes of Zvezda,  a brazier, a big Barrel and two handspikes.
The ones without any Cannon related equipment can be used for camp Scenes / generic Bodstonian  types.
One has had his lintstock replaced with a scythe..maybe he´s been out cutting hay for the horses. Another has had his ramrod replaced with a hayfork...maybe he´s about to go a collect the hay.
I suppose this lot are supposed to be handling the guns. The set comes with Handspikes but they aren´t that good so got binned.
Officers. The bod in the middle ...a giant? 
All in all,  a nice Little set and considering it´s a second run, minimal Flash and very few mold lines to deal with. 

Not 1/72nd scale but THIS guy creates some really excellent stuff in 1/32nd scale

and, coincidentally Another Italian Hobby guy,  this time in  1/72nd. Why I haven´t caught Guiseppe´s Blog before I don´t know. He´s Building a whole roman town and then some. Amazing. Makes my Roman town (as it was) look amaturish.


Thursday, 29 August 2019

Farewell Old Girl :-(

R.I.P Ghost. 

After hiding in the Woods near our house for two weeks, She finally came inside our home on the   22.10.16 and it became her home as well. 
Originally we  named her Smokey but she had a way of dissappearing from one place to another, almost as if she could go through walls and she was sooooo quiet.. she was quickly renamed.

The vets reckoned she was already about 15 back in 2016 so she had a good Innings. 
We are glad we took her in and sad to see her go.