Friday, 10 August 2018

Army of the light, Army of the Dark

After a Marathon of basing  of the wargs and  of the "Knights Errant", both armies on Parade.
Army of the Light
A mix of Adventurers, Elves, Cimmerians, Amazons, Dwarves and "Knights Errant". 
50 mounted, 124 foot

Army of the Dark.
A mix of trolls, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, Wargs, Undead and Balrogs
30 mounted, 175 foot...including 10 Trolls and 4 Balrogs
The army of the light has brought along it´s magicians and sorcerers............
...but so has the Army of the Dark

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Massed Medieval cavalry (2)

380 mounted medievals* from a wide range of sets, Airfix,  Italeri, Valdemar, Zvezda, Strelets, Caeser, RedBox,  and a wide time line  across the medieval period, Normans, Burgundians, 100 yrs wars, WotR´s etc.
First wave. Normans, Turcopoles, Crusaders/Teutonics. One of the bods (top right Corner, second wave) was tipped over by one of our Cats. This was only noticed after I´d posted the pics.
Second wave. 100yrs war French and English, English WotR´s, Scottish wars of independance Scotts and English
Waiting / Command. 

*Another 50 plus, Magna carter barons, Normans still not based, but they will have to wait as the mounted Fantasy bods are next for´s too hot to actually paint  anything. 

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Andrew Harclay and friends

Another 4 kniggits from the Falkirk roll and additions to the Medieval Lords and Ladies list.
Andrew Harclay, 1st Earl of Carlisle.
He´s already been mentioned here on the Welsh Spearmen post but only his Standard was shown. Seeing as he´s quite an Important Person of the period he deserves a bod to represent him.
His Nag is from The English Cavalry of Edward I    I covered the chainmail effect on the caparison with a layer of second glue to create a more or less flat Cloth like Surface, as done HERE
The bod is from the Scottish Army of Wallace set.
John de Moels. Argent two bars gules and in Chief three torteaux
Kings Battalion
I´m not so sure about the Pithhelmet on top of his great helm. I haven´t found any contemporary examples so far,  although I´m pretty sure I´ve seen a painting from around the 14th Cent with a kniggit wearing something similar.
Richard Siward. Sable a cross flory argent
Kings Battalion
Amenieu de la Brette. This one was easy.... Gules.
Kings Battalion
Two from the original Bannockburn Project, William Marshall and Thomas Ercedekne.
I painted them but in the rush to get the Project finished before the anniversary I didn´t take any individual pics or just pics of their Men-at-arms, so linking them to the "Medieval Lords and Ladies" post was proving impossible. 
The Caparison on William´s Nag is scratchmade like THIS
This site is good, Aspilogia.
Along with other rolls it Shows The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312  It alone contains 1110 Coats-of-Arms!!!!!
The site itself has over 2000 C.o.A´s, some repeated in the various Rolls but it´s a heck of a resource

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Guy de Beauchamp and Friends

5 more for the Bannockburn Project and another 4 for the Medieval Lords and Ladies post
Guy de Beauchamp. 10th Earl of Warwick. Gules a fess between six crosses crosslet or
King´s Battalion
Thomas de Multon, 1st Baron Multon of Gilsland. Barry of seven argent and gules. There is a Version with twelve argent and gules but I took the version shown on the Falkirk roll.

Second Battalion
Johan de Wake. Baron Wake of Liddell. Or two bars gules in chief three torteaux.
I like the Coat-of-Arms so he´s got a Standard bearer
Second Battalion
John Ap-Adam III. 1st Baron Ap-Adam.  Argent on a cross gules five mullets or
King´s Battalion
The whole gang so far

I´ve still got a handfull in the qeue, including some foot bods as aides /Sergeants.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Medieval Citizens I - Valdemar

The first set* in the new range of medieval bods from Valdemar..also available HERE
5 bods, two tables, a leg of Beef and a wee piggy wig on a ladder.
 Butcher and Baker
Mr C Saeryan and his "laddered" pig
On the link, the bod with the leg of Beef is shown carrying it, but I´ve left that decision up to the creators of the 1329 dio. 
I reckon such a boar´s head would be quite heavy and not easy to carry in such a way, but  as I´ve never actually carried a boar´s head it might be possible.
*Apparently, there will be a total of ten Medieval civilian sets which will add up to around 60 bods

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Medieval Citizens III - Valdemar

Another set of Medieval citizens from Valdemar and available HERE
6 bods, a table, a crucifix, a Barrel and a set of scales
 Money Counter and  a showoff turning up with his big box of coins
Charlie and his chisel

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Medieval civilians II - Valdemar

Set number II from a new range of Medieval citizens from Valdemar. Available HERE
6 bods and 1 pig..
Hopefully the piggy is only about to get a shave...
I hope so, because it appears that in the middle ages, pigs etc were killed with a blow to the head with something like a mallet or the blunt side of an axe.
The theme of the set seems to be "Medieval Butcher" and the bod on the left and the middle bodette could, theoretically, be carrying ribs but I prefered some sort of bundles of material

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Zombie Dogs

Three of a bunch of Zombie hounds Kindly sent to me by Phil (Philotep´s 1/72 Minis Kingdom)
I think his idea of giving them White eyes is  better than my attempt..see HERE

The Zombie Dogs are part of the Zombie Board game by Twilight Creations
Also, they provide heads for creating "Wolfens" Phil did on THIS post. Phil used the Caeser Orcs for his conversion..mine are from Dark alliance.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Anthony Bek and friends

4 more for the Bannockburn Project and another 4 for the Medieval Lords and Ladies post
Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham, Gules, a cross moline (also recerclée) Ermine. His arms are also described as  Gules, a fer-de-moline Ermine.(as HERE) but the Cross Moline seems more likely
Commander of the Second Battalion so he´s got a Standard bearer
Sir Simon Fraser of Oliver and Neidpath.  Sable, six cinquefoils argent, three, two, one
Kings Battalion
Robert de Hiltone (Hylton) 1st Baron Hilton. Argent two bars azure.
Second Battalion
Thebaud de Verdoun.(Tebaud) 2nd Lord Verdon. Or fretty gules a label of three points azure
Second Battalion