Friday 22 September 2023

New Fantasy sets from Alliance

I know, I havent been active for..???..a long time but I keep looking at what´s going on in the world of bods..and today I found these.....Apparently they appeared in august this year.

Maybe it´s time to get the paintbrushes out again 

Thursday 15 April 2021

Black Riders

12 bods and 10 Nags. 

10 of the bods, 9 mounted and one on foot*, are the  "run of the mill" and hard to tell apart Nazgûl / Ringwraiths. each one dressed the same as the last. 

Tiny amount of flash, mainly on the nags. The one really annoying thing, the fit of the riders to the nags. I had to remove plastic from the inside of the riders legs AND from the sides of the nags so the riders would sit properly. One or two of the riders still, even after surgeory,   had be put in hot water to have thier legs bent a bit wider.

Trying to catch Arwen..Not. She was sitting  at home in Rivendale.  Frodo was alone on Asfaloth (Glorfindel´s Horse) during the chase. 

Nags from the side. Two versions of Barding, one on the left with Crinet (Neck plates) Shaffron, the other on the right, only has a Shaffron. All the nags have a small Peytral. 

1 mounted and 1 on foot are clearly recognisable Character bods. The one on foot is the Witch-King of Angmar with his unfeasably large Flail. I reckon they could have gone for making him , what?, at least half as tall again.

The mounted one is the Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-Dûr.                                                The nag for the Mouth of Sauron. All the Nag poses are very active, which doesn´t fit to his relaxed pose. I was going to use a Nag from another set but went for repositioning the rear leg of one of those supplied. Not a 100% satisfactory result, but better than him sitting on a mount that looks like it´s running at Ascot. 

*Possibly also the Witch-King of Angmar or he could be  Khamûl, Shadow of the east, who became leader of the Nazgûl after the death of the Witch-King. It could have been him who stabbed Frodo at Weathertop, there were only 5 wraiths present and why would the Witch-King be out hunting the ring when there´s a war to organise ?

Monday 5 April 2021

Cyclopes. RedBox- Alliance

 What is the collective noun for them? Cyclopes? 

Never mind. 12 in the box in 4 poses. I think they missed a trick with this lot. They could have added a sprue of 2 eyed heads so they could be converted to giants. 

Close ups

These are big, not as big as some shown in films, and the one in the Film, The seventh Voyage of Sinbad was a mutant version anyway, but still big

Monday 29 March 2021

Mixed medieval conversions.

The Bod drawing his sword was the top half of a rider from the Strelets English Cavalry of Edward I (Top row, second from the right) and the bottom half from the Strelets The Scottish army of Wallace set  (Third row from top, second from right)

The Bod with the Axe and dagger was a rider from the Strelets Army of Henry V set (eight row from top, far right) 

The saxon is from the Strelets Anglo-Saxon Fyrd set and has his sword swopped for a spear

The saxon is from the Strelets Anglo-Saxon Fyrd set and has his sword swopped for an axe.

Female, who is supposed to be Empress Matilda, is made up from the top half of the Airfix  Maid Marion and the Bottom half from one of the females in the Italeri Medieval "Battle sets"

The Viking with the spear is from the Zvezda Vikings set with an added head swop.

I´m still not as productive as I used to be..Life and things are still getting in the way of the hobby. 

Monday 1 March 2021

Viking/Saxon Shield Wall

Finally, after a long period of inactivity, something to post.

33 Bods of different makes, Emhar, Strelets, Airfix, Tumbling Dice

Wounded or dead bod from the Airfix WWI British Infantry set. 

Archers and javelins at the rear

Interestingly, whilst basing,  the line, due to overlapping the shields,  backed up to the right. Maybe due to the thickness of the bods shields or did it happen in real life? Or did they compensate by slightly tipping their shields inwards at the left to form a straight line? 
Flag from Ray over at Don´t Throw a One Blog.

 It will all be alright in the end. If it´s not alright now, then it´s not the end :-) 

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Frankish Crossbowmen - Tumbling Dice

Full Titel, FE14 Frankish Crossbowmen Quilted Jack.
8 bods in 6 poses. Two of the poses come headless and 4 spare heads are in the set, but they are all the same heads. Two of the poses are repeats so didn´t get painted, although they are the ones that need heads attaching so at some point I will add heads from other sets. 
Also in the set, 8 Pavisen und 5 loose crossbows. 

Firing poses
Loading poses

Friday 25 December 2020

Anglo - Saxon Fyrd - Strelets

 56 Bods x 4 Sprues x 14 poses.

There´s a bit of flash on some of the Bods but  it´s not a lot so not too much effort to remove it. 

Bows and Javelins
Swords...sorry, Scramaseax. 

The review at PSR on this set  isn´t exactly glowing. Apart from the Bod swinging his Scramaseax with both hands and the Bod holding his spear with both hands (Right of the pic with the Spearmen) I like them and there is room for conversions. 

Saturday 19 December 2020

Elves - Light Alliance - Conversions

 There is always, however complicated, some conversion possibilities in every set of plastic 1/72nd Bods.

I´ve managed to get 5 from set 3. All archers but that´s what elves do best.

Body swops. Top halves swopped onto bottom halves. The two male elves were a straight exchange. the Top half of the Archer female from the kneeling pose onto the bottom half of the sword wielding standing pose.

Easy. Head swops. 
Imperial elven firing line
Archers from the three elven tribes together. 
Woodland elves
Mountain elves
High elves

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Elves - Light Alliance

 Another lot of fantasy bods from DDS, the Light Alliance´s Elves set 3 

10 poses in the set, virtually no flash. 3 of them are female and they could have gone with a second set of just females. Or possibly three sets. The first set cloaked and helmeted heavy inf types that could form a battle line and the second set archers and the third female fighters. 

When put alongside the average 1/72nd bod these are a bit taller but that´s ok as Elves are described as being around 6`6" (or taller) so taller than men. 


Ok...10 poses? 😏Na, I think there´s some conversions possible with this lot. Where´s my scalpel? 😉

Monday 7 December 2020

Anno 1329

My personal contribution to the 1329 Teutonic Diorama..
40 nags - (22 with riders)
271 bods - Soldiers and civilians
9 wagons/carts
7 mules, 4 Dogs, 1 ox,  and 3 pigs.
10 sleeping kniggits and 12 empty beds
1 fireplace, 2 chairs, 17 tables, 18 benches and a heap of pots and bowls