Monday 8 June 2015

Card houses

What can you do over the Weekend whilst drinking red wine and watching films? Build some generic medieval houses that´s what :-D
I never really liked the look of my first medieval village and needed something that would be usefull for Bodstonia as well as a medieval Setting so..a couple of Shops and generic  houses later...
They fit well enough alongside my two Fredericus-Rex houses
They are easy (and quick) enough to make. Thick Card, ruler, pen to make the Patterns. The two three storey ones caused a headache or two but now I know how to create the "overhanging floors"  it´s easy.
A  sharp Hobby knife, scissors to cut them out and woodglue to stick them together.
Walls painted with acrylic wall paint, the lead glass made using strips of fly net with bits of CD case glued to the back, roofing and walls printed and glued on with Prittstick.

Townhall, Coachhouse, Gatehouse, barns, storehouse, more Shops, a couple more three  and double storey houses planned.