Sunday 1 February 2015

Half orcs (Dark Alliance set 3)

The "themed" set from the range of half-orcs and apart from a couple of bods which, without conversion, can only be used once which is a shame, because the sculpts are really good.
In total, 10 bods, 4 of which are as pairs.
As ever, the complete poses from the set.
Grenadiers. Grenadiers? Ok, the caeser Set of goblins has Grenadier bods so why not the Half Orcs?
Axemen. Obviously they are  reflecting the tree cutting  orcs in one of those films that I can´t remember the Name of.
"They´ve taken the Little ones!!"

Another reference to the films. Pouring molten metal. They could be pressed into Service tipping boiling oil from a Castle wall..or the bucket tipped (or replaced) so they are carrying a load (catapult ammo) but basically...what would you do with 4 lots of These?
Bomb carriers. Again, what anyone could do with 4 lots of These I can´t imagine.
Basically, the pouring oil, one of the "they´ve taken the Little ones!" and the Bomb carriers are without conversion, one use bods. the conversions...
One of the Hobbit carriers has had the Hobbit surgically removed and a shield from set 2 added. The Bomb carriers relieved of thier burden and pikes added.
The infantry poses based up.
Next?? Heavy warriors of the undead cavalry?